Company Resource Management System

Your Complete HR Management

You will be able to see detailed employee profiles along with leave requests, promotions, increments, performance logs. Get announcements,
email notifications & more!

Manage Your Employees

The employee listing feature lets you add all the personal details of an employee in one place. Keep assessment reports, complaints, increments & every possible detail you need!

Gather all Employee Information

You can put as much information of the employee as you want in the profile page. You can even add documents in the form.

See Employees Lifecycle

The interactive job data feature allows you to add information about any events like transferring to another location, salary increment, employment status and so on.

Performance Evaluation

As the company owner or HR manager, you can take feedback from team leads and project managers about a specific employee and keep the discussion data on his profile. So when you are talking about him or taking a decision, this will help you.

Employee Leave Data

Keeping records of leave requests offline and calculating them is quiet a time consuming task. The system will automatically go over the previous details in one click & calculate the balances for you. Enabling you manage all aspects of leave approvals, disapprovals and reviewing.

Department Management

This feature allows you to list all the departments in the system. Later you can tag the employees with departments and create announcements for them depending on departments.

Extra Features

  • Designation Management
  • Document Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Recruitment Management 
  • Add Private Notes
  • Integrate Payroll
  • Create Leave Policies
  • Attendance Management 
  • Manage Holidays
  • Leave Entitlements
  • Calendar
  • Flash Important Messages
  • SMS Notification Integration 

Customer Relationship Management Streamlined

Easily track & follow up queries with leads, subscribers & clients. Build long-lasting relations with this feature-rich open source CRM which comes in both free & pro versions!

Smart Contact Management

Build sustainable relationships with your customers, leads, and subscribers. Managing clients just got easier!
Prioritize users using life stages & compartmentalize your service. Respond to contacts according to importance and urgency for greater efficiency.

Manage Your B2B

Handle your business clients, partners & others as efficiently as you do your contacts. Make company profiles & handle multiple representatives.

Personalize the way you Communicate

Record & observe all interactions: from creating a contact to the development phases, to notes & schedules. Great way to check clients’ service history & handle future clients better.

Contact Groups for easy categorization

When you have contacts from different companies having similar interests, or customers of the same product from different regions, clump them all in a group to serve accordingly.

Easy Reporting

With CRM reports, view activity, customer & growth report of your customers and business clients. Use filters to put your information in context & get a better understanding.

Assign Tasks/Contact to Agents

Quickly assign tasks to any of your CRM agents from within a user’s profile. Stylize the text as you like to highlight important parts. Set time & dates as deadline.

Extra Features

  • Note that Important Stuff
  • Built-in Mail Communication
  • Log Different Activities
  • Schedule a Meeting or a Call
  • Advanced Contact Filtering
  • Filter with Saved Searches
  • Personalise the way you Communicate

Accounting For Non-Accountants

The intuitive & interactive system makes it possible for beginners to understand & work smoothly with trial balance, ledger report, balance sheets, income statement & more even without understanding debits & credits.

Sales Transactions

Flexible enough to accommodate & calculate any sales data. Get the actual scenario of total outstanding & received amounts, over-dues, partial & more with diagrams.

Track Expense Transactions

You can easily handle any expense transaction like purchasing goods in cash, on credit or in installments. Our clever team of developers made it very simple!

Purchase Transactions

Purchasing in cash, credit or installments? No problem! Get the actual scenario of total outstanding & paid amounts, over-dues, partial & more with diagrams.

Journals for Double-Entry System

The journal entry form is also logic-based so that you do not make any submissions mistakenly. It’s perfect for the beginner too!

Preloaded Accounts for Speed

Key journal entries into the system in a flash. View entries & actions taken in a single page. It’s also possible to create as many custom accounts as you need!

Internal Cash Transfer

Keep your cash & bank account synchronized yet with more control. You can receive, spend and even transfer money between accounts.

Extra Features

  • Invoice & Receive Payments
  • Payment gateway Extension
  • Create Estimations
  • PDF Invoice
  • Tax Rates
  • Create & Pay Bill
  • Reimbursement
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Inventory Management 
  • Create customers & vendors
  • Payroll Management Extension 
  • Ledger Reports
  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Trial Balance
  • Sales Tax Report

Manage All Your Projects & Tasks

With our Advanced Project Management Solution, things like task list, calendars, milestones, private messaging and discussion features are available with a single add-on.

All your projects and tasks on your own site.

Create as much projects, tasks and add as many users and clients you want. Completely revamp the way you manage your projects and task lists. Team collaboration has never been much easier.

Birds Eye View with Calendar

Get project overview from the calendar. See your project overview with due, completed and future to-do’s. See which milestones needs to be completed and who is responsible for each. With drag-n-drop feature, change the due date. Even change the start and end date by dragging each to-do.

See Your Assigned Tasks

Now manage your assigned tasks from a single screen. View all your completed, outstanding and current tasks in a single page. Getting things done is much easier!

See all the shared files in a single page

All the files you share within a project via messages and discussions, are available to view and download from the files tab.

All your projects and tasks on your own site.

Create as much projects, tasks and add as many users and clients you want. Completely revamp the way you manage your projects and task lists. Team collaboration has never been much easier.

Advanced Reports with Insights

Get better project estimations with automatic and advance reports for overdue, completed tasks, user activities, milestones, and all projects. Filter reports by project, tasks, co-workers, time, and more!

Extra Features

  • User Roles Per Project
  • Built in Messaging System with Private Messaging
  • Activity Log
  • Access Levels
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Activity Hub
  • Intuitive Reporting with Filters
  • Daily Notifications
  • Overall Progress Reports
  • Kanban Board
  • Time Tracker
  • Sub Tasks


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